RandRenderer is a javascript widget that allows browsing SmugMug galleries from any page on the internet. Adding RandRenderer to a page is as simple as adding a DIV and a couple of javascript calls, but can be more complex if more customization is desired.

.image_gallery_text { color:red }

<SCRIPT language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="http://web.rerenderer.com/randrenderer/rand-renderer-v0.2.js"></SCRIPT>
<DIV id="image_gallery" style="width:200px;background-color:#cccccc"></DIV>
<SCRIPT language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
RandRendererCreator("image_gallery", "NickName=Your Name", "Your Site", "Your Resources");

The required fields to be changed are in red, the optional fields are in green. As given, the html file will create a page with a single image gallery available. Multiple named divs and RandRendererCreator calls can be made to create multiple image viewers on the same web page.


image_gallery: This is the name of your div. It can be any text, but must be consistent in DIV id, the first RandRendererCreator argument, and the ..._text class style.

style:width: The width of your div must be set. The rest of the div is created based on this size.

Your Name: Set this to the nickname at SmugMug. ex. NickName=rerenderer will display all of rerenderer's galleries

Your Site: This can either be <NickName>.smugmug.com, or can be some other domain if you have a personal domain name. (e.g. www.rerenderer.com)

Your Resources: Resource files are required for the arrows beneath the gallery. These must all be taken from the same location, and end in left.png, right.png, and rand.png. Example resources are "http://web.rerenderer.com/resource/orange/" and "http://web.rerenderer.com/resource/bw/"

style:background-color: The background color for the entire div can be changed.

style: <name>_text: The gallery text for each image gallery can be set independently by changing the <image_gallery>_text class style.

Questions and comments can be sent to randrenderer@rerenderer.com.  Email is also welcome if you use RandRenderer and want to be emailed when it gets updated.

v0.1 (12/09/07): Initial version; random, forward, backward buttons; configurable title color
v0.2 (12/13/07): Cleaned code, improved memory
v0.2.1 (12/24/07): Cleaned and moved documentation